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ST Leatherworks

Quality handmade Bushcraft gear


ST Leatherworks make several different quality leather bags, pouches and kits for Bushcraft, camping and the outdoors.


If you have a watch collection you know the challange of storing and transporting your watches. A watch box can be a good idea but they take up a lot of space and not very convienient to transport. A watch roll is the perfect way to transport your watches when you want more than a few watches with you when you are on the go.

The watch rolls are all made in genuine leather and they are available in any size you would like.

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We make different standard pouches for attaching equipment on your belt or pack.


We also produce a range of pouches for special equipment to order and we can accommodate most requests.


We have made pouches for equipment like mobile phones, GPS's, binoculars, multi tools and firearms.



This little foldable dump bag is very practical if you are foraging in nature because you can have it on your belt folded up, not taking up any Space, when you are not using it.

When you need to use it, you unfold it at can store anything in its waterproof bag. The bag is made in heavy duty polyester and is easily cleaned with a wet cloth when returning home  


These practical leather tinder pouches are very handy when organizing your gear. You might use it for your knife maintenance gear, keeping your sharpening stone, strop and some polishing compound in it or you could use it for your fire kit storing flint and steel plus your kindling like amadou, birch bark or just some dry grass that can help you start a fire in damp or wet conditions.


When you have invested in some good tools it is natural to wanting to keep them safe and having the tools laying loose in the buttom of a toolbox is not always a good option.


With a tool roll you can store your tools safely and keep them orginized. It also makes it a lot easier to grab them and taking them with you in your pack.


A good blanket has many uses. It can keep you warm on a primitive overnighter in the wild or on a chilly night around the campfire or just be a good place to sit on a picnic or a trip to the beach.


With this thick blanket made from 100% wool you have all the bases covered.


The handy leather harness with a sturdy handle and a shoulder carrying strap bringing it is a breeze.


Our complete OSFK contains everything that you need to start a fire even under the most difficult conditions.


Besides the flint stone and traditional high carbon fire steel, the kit contains charred cloth, Birch bark, jute twine, fat wood and fat wood shavings. With this kit you will always have dry tinder to start a fire no matter how wet it is.


Just as a backup, we have also put a ferrocerium rod in the kit.





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