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Quality handmade Bushcraft gear


At ST Leatherworks, we have extensive experience creating custom leather sheaths for knives, axes and folding saws that satisfy our customers wishes and needs.


When buying a quality knife, the sheath that comes with the knife is not of the same high quality or the sheath does not visually match the rest of the kit and you would like something better for the knife.

When you order a sheath from us you can get it just the way you want it and in a design, that fits your needs.

We can make you a normal sheath, a dangler sheath or a scout style sheath and many of our sheaths come with a fire steel or sharpening stone on the sheath.


A hatchet or hand axe is at great tool when going to the woods or camping but carrying an axe can be unpractical and dangerous without the correct protection.


With a good quality leather sheath for protecting the bit you can make sure that no one gets hurt and that the axe stays sharp. A thick leather collar helps protect the handle from damage when overstriking with the axe.


I matching belt loop makes carrying the axe on your belt comfortable and free up your hands when not using the axe.


A folding saw can be a great addition to your knife and axe in your Bushcraft kit.


It can take a lot of energy using an axe to buck a tree trunk, preparing logs for a shelter or making firewood. These tasks can easier be completed using a saw.


A folding saw can be a good option and with a good sheath it can easily be carried on the belt.


When doing larger Bushcraft tasks or felling bigger trees, a forest axe is a indispensable supplement to your hatchet or hand axe and like smaller axes a large forest axe needs protection.


An axe larger than 15" are not comfortable to carry in the belt. Its much more comfortable to carry on you back using a shoulder strap attached to the axe sheath.





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